Managed IT Services


What is Managed IT?
What is a managed service anyway? There are many different companies offering many different solutions, so it can be hard to decide as an end user. Here at RMCS, our Managed IT Service is simple. It is the setup, installation, configuration, and 24×7 support of all the devices your company may utilize.  Choosing to outsource your IT needs can help improve operations and cut expenses, all at a predictable monthly cost.
Managed IT Benefits

24×7 Support

Our team of experts is commited to keeping your business running even in the case of emergency.

Predictable Monthly Costs

Our monthly plans include an unlimited ammount of remote support, helping cut expenses and keep your business running.

Improved Productivity

Never worry about a network failure again. Our team can help prevent problems before they even happen.

Tailored Service

Every business is different, and so are our managed packages. Our free network assessment can determine the plan that will give you the best service for your needs.


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